Reliability is one of the central features of at Pro - tech acquired second-hand injection molding machines.
With its technology partners, its know-how, services and spare parts guarantees Pro - tech reliability in the acquired equipment and product support
Also at any time in case of emergency. And the same reliability you can also check out deliveries of spare parts of plasticizing, non-return valves, screws with different L / D ratios,
Heating tapes, etc. leave.

second hand  ► first class

Pro - Tech Service has re-optimize its services for machinery and equipment in injection molding for KRAUSS-MAFFEI structured and content regarding customer requirements.
Automotive, medical technology and pharmaceuticals, packaging production and technical parts are the main applications of the Pro - tech Second-hand First Class Kunststoffspritzgiessmaschien -
to our customers. Here cover the KraussMaffei machines with a wide range of clamping forces and hydraulic, hybrid or
all-electric drive systems precisely from these applications.

The advantages of the Pro - tech service for the plastics industry and plastic injection molding machines:
Pro - tech Servive provides you with a production shutdown immediate help.
We hold for spare parts for your KRAUSS-MAFFEI injection molding machine (MC2, MC3, MC4) on call.
We ensure the fastest possible and cost-effective delivery. Absolutely on schedule, and if required by UPS, TNT or taxi ride special.

The service team of Pro - tech you optimally supports as needed during troubleshooting to your plastic injection molding machine.
With solution-oriented services (for example, with the commissioning support, spare parts supply and our efficient training and consulting services)
achieve optimal production efficiency. Thus you protect your investment in the Pro - from tech acquired KRAUSSMAFFEI injection molding machine.

In the "repair mechanism" owns Pro - tech adequate competence in the following areas:
Regeneration of Holm surfaces (grinding and chroming)
Reworking of platens
Regeneration of plasticizing cylinders and snails
Repair of cracks Holm

Pro - tech relocation, including technical and logistical solutions.
If you intend to relocate production to another site supports Pro - tech praxiserfahrenem with his team and the
extensive know-how in complex systems.
For the relocation is available kompentente the same team are available as for the erection, installation and commissioning of your Pro - tech acquired
used production machine.
All documentation, drawings, diagrams, information etc. are thereby created in the same quality and attention to detail as dictated by the machine manufacturer.

The Pro - tech supply of spare parts for the hydraulics on injection molding comprises Original Spare Parts such as: proportional valves, pump units or individual pumps,
Bosch control pumps, control blocks for core pulls or cascade controllers, hydraulic hoses and much more.

To the same extent you, Pro - tech in the control area.
Here, the supply is guaranteed with second hand boards, control computers, Bedientabelaus and screens for Electronic.
There are, inter alia, following Kraus Maffei specific boards for various control options MC2, MC3, MC3F, MC4 available.
TB 201, VT5011, IO 502, BR 400, CW 300, MC 301, LV 200, PV 200, PV 201, IO502; SR503, NT500, NT550, MT 500, MT 550, FA 500,
IPC - the computer.

The peripheral region, ie linear robots or other extraction equipment is Pro - tech support as well as the area
Temperature control, material dryers and material handling equipment. Please send us your request.